Track Information

Tue 18-Jun  Sportsbet-Ballarat SyntheticSyntheticN/A 0.0000
Tue 18-Jun  TownsvilleTurfSoft 50.0000+7m 1000-W/Post; +4m RemainderNil Nil Updated 17/6 - 8:10am
Tue 18-Jun  NowraTurfSoft 70.0000Out 3m from 850m to 350m then cutawayNil Nil last 24 hrs, 2mm last 7 daysUpdated 14/6 - 7:00am
Tue 18-Jun  TamworthTurfGood 40.0000+3m 1000m-275m, True Remainder Nil last 24 hours, 5mm last 7 daysNil last 24hrs, 5mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 8:06am
Wed 19-Jun  Canterbury ParkTurfHeavy 90.0000TrueNil17.5mm last 24hrs, 34.5mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 8:18am
Wed 19-Jun  Ladbrokes Park HillsideTurfSoft 70.0000True Entire Circuitnil0.2mm last 24 hours, 13.6mm last 7 days
Wed 19-Jun  DoombenTurfSoft 76.190010.5 metres Entire Course.18.5mm last 24 hours; 18.5mm last 7 daysNil last 24 hrs, 8mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6- 8.12am
Wed 19-Jun  BelmontTurfN/A 0.000015 Metres
Wed 19-Jun  BalaklavaTurfSoft 50.0000TrueNilNil last 24hrs, 48mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 8:15am
Thu 20-Jun  NorthamTurfN/A 0.0000+5m 1600m-1000m, +9m 1000m-400m, +3m remainder. Cutaway applies
Thu 20-Jun  GattonTurfSoft 60.0000True Entire CourseNil13.5mm last 24hrs, 13.5mm last 7 daysUpdated 14/6 - 10:10am
Thu 20-Jun  WarrnamboolTurfHeavy 96.4000Out 9m Entire Circuitnilnil last 24 hours, 26.2mm last 7 days
Thu 20-Jun  WyongTurfGood 40.0000+3m Entire CircuitNil last 24hrs, 6mm last 7 daysNil last 24hrs, 1mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 7:00am
Fri 21-Jun  Coffs HarbourTurfGood 40.0000+3m 1000m - 350m where cutaway applies, True remainderNil 24hrs and Nil 7 days2mm 24hrs and 2mm 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 8:30am
Fri 21-Jun Park SyntheticSyntheticN/A 0.0000True Entire Circuit
Fri 21-Jun  RockhamptonTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Fri 21-Jun  Canberra ActonSyntheticN/A 0.0000
Sat 22-Jun  Aquis Park Gold CoastTurfGood 40.00001 metre 1000-400; True Remainder.Nil last 24 hrs, 12mm last 7 days4mm last 24 hrs, 4mm last 7 days. Updated 17/6 7:45am
Sat 22-Jun  Eagle FarmTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 22-Jun  DarwinSandN/A 0.0000
Sat 22-Jun  ToowoombaTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Sat 22-Jun  Aquis BeaudesertTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Sat 22-Jun  DonaldTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 22-Jun  FlemingtonTurfSoft 50.0000Out 9m Entire Circuitnil4mm last 24 hours and week
Sat 22-Jun  Royal RandwickTurfHeavy 90.0000+6M ENTIRENil last 7 days21mm last 24hrs, 62mm last 7 daysUpdated 17/6 - 9.03am
Sat 22-Jun  NewcastleTurfN/A 0.0000+7M ENTIRE
Sat 22-Jun  QuirindiTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 22-Jun  MorphettvilleTurfN/A 0.0000To be Advised, MPKS Track Out 8m 1000 to WP, 5m Remainder Sectional 611m
Sun 23-Jun  RockhamptonTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Sun 23-Jun  Devonport Tapeta SyntheticSyntheticN/A 0.0000
Sun 23-Jun  Port AugustaDirtN/A 0.0000Normal
Sun 23-Jun  Ladbrokes Pioneer ParkSandN/A 0.0000***Meeting Postponed due to the state of the track***