Track Information

Thu 16-Aug  NewcastleTurfGood 40.0000+6m Entire6mm last 24hrs, 24mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 15/8 - 8:25am
Thu 16-Aug  SaleTurfGood 44.4000Out 8m 800m - 1600m, Out 3.5m Remaindernil last 24 hours, 8mm last 7 daysnil last 24 hours, 3mm last 7 days
Thu 16-Aug  TownsvilleTurfGood 40.00003.5 metres 1000-W/Post; True Remainder.Nil last 24hrs, 22mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 14/8 - 9:00am
Thu 16-Aug  NorthamTurfGood 40.0000Rail is at the inside position. (Official Changes at 13/08/2018 05:02:42 PM)
Fri 17-Aug  TareeTurfGood 30.0000True entire courseNilNilUpdated 15/8 - 8:29am
Fri 17-Aug  BathurstTurfGood 40.0000+2m 1200 to 350m, where cutaway appliesNil Nil Last 24hrs, 2mm last 7 daysUpdated 15/8 - 8.32am
Fri 17-Aug  bet365 Geelong SyntheticSyntheticSynthetic 0.0000True Entire Circuit6mm last 24 hours, 18mm last 7 daysnil last 24 hours, 9.6mm last 7 days
Fri 17-Aug  ToowoombaTurfGood 34.20004 metres Entire Course.Nil last 24hrs, 14mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 15/8 - 8:27am
Sat 18-Aug  GympieSandN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  KilcoyTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Sat 18-Aug  Gold CoastTurfGood 40.0000True Entire Course.2mm last 24hrs, 30mm last 7 daysNil last 24hrs/7 daysUpdated 7:35am 15/8
Sat 18-Aug  IpswichTurfSoft 60.0000Out 3m Entire Course.5mm last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 days Nil Updated 14/8 - 8:06am
Sat 18-Aug  Royal RandwickTurfGood 40.0000+7M ENTIRE5mm last 24hrs, 17mm last 7 daysNil Updated 15/8 - 8.00am
Sat 18-Aug  Kembla GrangeTurfN/A 0.0000TRUE
Sat 18-Aug  NarranderaTurfGood 40.0000TrueNilNil last 24hrs, 5.8mm last 7 daysUpdated 14/8 - 12:45pm
Sat 18-Aug  GilgandraTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  YeppoonTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  CunnamullaDirtN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  TalwoodDirtN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  LongreachDirtN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  InnisfailTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  Mount IsaSandN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  PrairieDirtN/A 0.0000
Sat 18-Aug  TaturaTurfN/A 0.0000TRUE ENTIRE CIRCUIT
Sat 18-Aug  CaulfieldTurfGood 40.0000Out 3m Entire Circuitnilnil last 24 hours, 18mm last 7 days
Sat 18-Aug  BelmontTurfSoft 60.0000Out 3 metres. (Official Changes at 15/08/2018 02:27:43 PM)
Sat 18-Aug  BroomeDirtN/A 0.0000Rail is at the inside position
Sat 18-Aug  KatherineSandGood 0.0000True entire courseNilNilUpdated 15/8 - 8:10am
Sat 18-Aug  MorphettvilleTurfSoft 70.0000Main Track True. Parks Track +2m Entire. Sectional 603mNilNil last 24hrs, 39mm last 7 daysUpdated 15/8 - 8:09am
Sun 19-Aug  NaracoorteTurfN/A 0.0000+2m 800m - 550m, True Remainder
Sun 19-Aug  Devonport Tapeta SyntheticSyntheticSynthetic 0.0000TrueNil6mm last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 daysUpdated 15/8 - 9:44am
Sun 19-Aug  KalgoorlieTurfGood 30.0000Out 6 metres. (Official Changes at 15/08/2018 02:17:44 PM)
Sun 19-Aug  Sportsbet-BallaratTurfHeavy 90.0000Out 8m 600m - WP, True Remaindernil2mm last 24 hours, 17mm last 7 days
Sun 19-Aug Park SyntheticSyntheticSynthetic 0.0000True Entire Circuitnilnil last 24 hours, 22mm last 7 days
Sun 19-Aug  TareeTurfGood 30.0000TrueNilNilUpfsted 11.45am 15/8 HS
Sun 19-Aug  MoruyaTurfGood 40.0000Out 3m from 1000m to 350 then cutaway5mm past 24 hours and 20 for past 7 daysNil past 7 daysUpdated Wed 15 Aug 9am
Sun 19-Aug  Sunshine CoastTurfN/A 0.00002 metres Entire Course.
Mon 20-Aug  Swan HillTurfGood 40.0000Out 3m 1900m - 1600m, Out 3m 900m - 400m, Out 3m Remaindernil last 24 hours, 6mm last 7 daysnil last 24 hours, 3mm last 7 days
Mon 20-Aug  GunnedahTurfGood 40.0000TrueNil last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 DaysNilUpdated 13/8 - 4:02pm
Mon 20-Aug  GraftonTurfGood 30.0000+1m 850m to 400mNil last 24hrs, 6mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 15/8/18 - 2.30pm
Tue 21-Aug  MuswellbrookTurfSoft 60.0000+3 m from 1280 m to the 300 m where a cutaway applies5 mm last 24 hrs. 25 mm last 7 days Nil mm last 24 hrs. Nil last 7 daysUpdated 14/08/2018. 10.00 am
Tue 21-Aug  AlburyTurfSoft 70.00001800m-1500m +6, 1400-1000m+5, 1000m-350m +8 with cutaway, remainder truenilnil past 24hrs, 22.7mm past 7 daysupdated 15/8 @ 7.30am
Tue 21-Aug Park SyntheticSyntheticSynthetic 0.0000True Entire Circuitnilnil last 24 hours, 21.5mm last 7 days
Sat 22-Sep  Rosehill GardensTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 13-Oct  CaulfieldTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 27-Oct  Moonee ValleyTurfN/A 0.0000