Track Information

Tue 26-Sep  AraratTurfSoft 55.9000Out 1m Entire Circuitnilnil last 24 hours, 8mm last 7 days
Tue 26-Sep  GraftonTurfGood 30.0000Out 3 metres 1200-400m, Out 3 metres winning post-1600m; True the remainderNil last 24, 18 mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 22/9 - 8:20am
Wed 27-Sep  Rosehill GardensTurfGood 40.0000+7m Entire Circuit3mm last 24hrs, 17mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 25/9 - 8.37am
Wed 27-Sep  BalaklavaTurfGood 40.0000True NilNilUpdated 25/9 - 7:20am
Wed 27-Sep  BelmontTurfSoft 50.0000Out 18 metres. CUTAWAY IN THE STRAIGHT (Official Changes at 25/09/2017 12:27:46 PM)
Wed 27-Sep  IpswichTurfGood 40.0000+2.5m Entire Course.NIl last 24hrs, 25mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 25/9 - 7:45am
Wed 27-Sep  FlemingtonTurfGood 30.0000Out 14m Entire Circuit7mm last 24 hours, 28mm last 7 days0.8mm last 24 hours and week
Wed 27-Sep  LauncestonTurfHeavy 85.2800+9m 1200m-W/Post, +6m Remainder Nil17mm last 24hrs, 38mm last 7 daysUpdated 25/9 - 8:20am
Thu 28-Sep  TownsvilleTurfN/A 0.0000Out 4m 1000m-W/Post; Out 2m the Remainder
Thu 28-Sep  BendigoTurfGood 40.0000Out 3m Entire Circuit4mm last 24 hours, 18mm last 7 daysnil last 24 hours, 3mm last 7 days
Thu 28-Sep  NorthamTurfN/A 0.0000Out 1 metres. (1000-400), TRUE REMAINDER
Thu 28-Sep  HawkesburyTurfGood 40.0000+3m 1000m-800m, +5m 800m-W/Post, True Remainder6mm last 24hrs, 28mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 25/9 - 6:00am
Fri 29-Sep  DubboTurfGood 40.0000TrueNil last 24hrs, 10mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 24/9 - 9:15am
Fri 29-Sep  MoruyaTurfGood 30.0000Normal20mm past 7 daysNil past 7 daysUpdated 1600 Sun 24 Sep 17
Fri 29-Sep  RockhamptonTurfN/A 0.0000Out 4.5 metres Entire Course.
Fri 29-Sep  Moonee ValleyTurfGood 44.7000Out 4m Entire Circuitnil last 24 hours, 12mm last 7 days1mm last 24 hours, 2mm last 7 days
Fri 29-Sep  BenallaTurfGood 40.0000True Entire Circuitnil last 24 hours, 15mm last 7 daysnil last 24 hours, 2mm last 7 days
Sat 30-Sep  MorningtonTurfGood 40.0000Out 4m Entire Circuitnil2mm last 24 hours, 9mm last 7 days
Sat 30-Sep  Gold CoastTurfGood 40.00006m 1400-W/Post; 3m Remainder.12mm last 24hrs, 20mm last 7 daysNil last 24hrs, 3mm last 7 daysUpdated 25/9
Sat 30-Sep  MorphettvilleTurfN/A 0.0000Out 3m 1200 to WP, True Remainder. Sectional 604m.
Sat 30-Sep  JamestownTurfN/A 0.0000Normal
Sat 30-Sep  PooncarieDirtN/A 0.0000
Sat 30-Sep  WaggaTurfGood 30.0000+8m from 900m to 400m, +6m from 1400m to 900m and 400m to WP, true the remainder10mm in last 7 daysNil in last 7 daysUpdated at 8:45am on 25/9/17
Sat 30-Sep  Royal RandwickTurfGood 40.0000True Entire CircuitNil last 24hrs, 15mm last 7 daysNilUpdated 25/9 - 9:05am
Sat 30-Sep  MudgeeTurfGood 30.0000True10mm Last 7 DaysNil Last 7 Days
Sat 30-Sep  Kembla GrangeTurfN/A 0.0000+4M ENTIRE
Sat 30-Sep  BundarraTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 30-Sep  Sunshine CoastTurfN/A 0.0000
Sun 01-Oct  Port LincolnTurfN/A 0.0000Normal
Sun 01-Oct  ToowoombaTurfN/A 0.0000True Entire Course.
Sun 01-Oct  CaulfieldTurfGood 30.0000True Entire Circuitnil last 24 hours, 20mm last 7 days3mm last 24 hours, nil last 7 days
Mon 02-Oct  GawlerTurfN/A 0.0000Normal
Sat 14-Oct  CaulfieldTurfN/A 0.0000
Wed 18-Oct  CaulfieldTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 21-Oct  CaulfieldTurfN/A 0.0000
Sat 28-Oct  Moonee ValleyTurfN/A 0.0000
Tue 07-Nov  FlemingtonTurfN/A 0.0000